Feast of the year 2020


The most exciting annual meeting is finally held in 2020.1.04. For the company, it is a review of the past year and the prospect of the next year, as well as a condolence to all the hard working employees, but for the employees, it is the most relaxing time to watch the performance, eat the food and draw the big prize.

Everyone at the convention was looking forward to it


First on the stage is our handsome and stylish BOSS, he wrote a vision for the future of our company: to become a production-leading enterprise


Then the other leaders of the company give speeches, and finally raise their glasses, wishing the company a better future


By the way, a foreign friend also attend to our annual meeting and how young and handsome and energetic our leaders are!


Well, the performance is also formally opened, the first   to perform is our Marketing Department's younger girls and boy, wearing beautiful dance clothes, a beautiful smile, danced the first dance of the annual meeting4A3A0263.jpg

There is a performance is also super like, that is the little people dance, feel a little inexplicable sense of fun, this performance is by our design department handsome boy and girl to perform


There are also some pictures of playing games and drawing lottery


Finally, of course, there is a group photo